International Fund of Technological Development. A global technology investor and international development institution.
Founded by the Government of Russia on November 21, 2019

The Fund's financial resources are allocated for transfer project implementation that has a systemic effect on the industrial development of Russia and the countries that are shareholders of the Bank.
The co-founders are the Government of Russia and the International Bank for Economic Co-operation

The Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Agency for Technological Development" is the competent authority that searches and examines investment projects and prepares investment decisions for the Fund's Investment Committee.
A tool for industrial projects financing
The international status of the Fund increases the efficiency in the work with foreign technological markets


Facilitation of accelerated development of the Fund's client organizations by financing transfer projects specialized in advanced technological solutions and production localization

  • Creation and expansion of new high-tech industries
  • Reduction of the market launch cycle for products and industrial services
  • Facilitation of critical import items transfer
  • Support for high-export-potential projects
Structure and Governing Bodies
The Supervisory Board and the Investment Committee constitutes the Fund's Governing Bodies.
Serves as the Executive Governing Body of the Fund
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Responsible for making decisions on the management of the Fund's capital or the Fund's property in accordance with the Fund's internal documents, Investment strategy and decisions of the Supervisory Board
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General Director of ANO 'Agency for Technological Development'
Head of the Fund's Project Team at the International Bank for Economic Co-operation
Technology priorities
Program 'Direct Investments in the Russian Federation'
Financial support for projects through equity
Projects financing can be directed to:
  • Intellectual property acquisition
  • Proprietary equipment acquisition
  • Engineering required for technology adaptation (up to 20%)
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